Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.

17 01 2011

Martin Luther King,  Jr.

January 15, 1929 – April 14, 1968

Today we celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King. He would have been 82 years old on January 15th. Nationwide there will be events and church services in his honor. Every year I play my old video of the 1980’s TV tribute to him.  Stevie Wonder, Debbie Allen, Ray Charles and a cast of great entertainers paid tribute to the passing of the Martin Luther King Holiday.  It is one of the best shows ever on TV.

Dr. King was gunned down in 1968.  The world is such a different place now and I often wonder how he would feel about it.  Is this what he saw from the mountain top? Yes? No? Really… Would he call himself an African-American? What would he have done during Hurricane Katrina?

What would he think of his black brothers today?  What would he say to them? Have they met his challenge to keep the struggle on the “high plane of dignity and discipline”? What would he say about the baggy pants and the increase in crime? Would his message have changed at all?

Like most people, I would love to see him standing beside President Obama in the “Palace of Justice…his rightful place … free from wrongful deeds”.  I know he would have been moved to tears.  I am not sure if he  ever envisioned a black President when he was on that mountain top.  There was so much discord and hate at that time.  But I am sure he would be proud of this country for the progress we have made.

Great leaders are rare. Martin Luther King did not achieve greatness in death. He lived a great life for a worthy cause while he was alive.   He sacrificed normalcy and put his life on the line to change the dark side of humanity in this country.   We honor his efforts and his legacy always.

Picture and excerpts of I have a Dream courtesy Nobelprize.Org and Time.com/photo essays



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