4 08 2011

Now that Washington has averted the debt ceiling catastrophe we can turn our attention to finances on a more personal level.
This is August and it is time to prepare for school and/or college. This can be a difficult time for parents, adult students and teachers as well.
Books, supplies, clothes uniforms and school fees are swarming over head and you will have to do something soon. What about the phones and computers?  They are practically necessities today.  Even that does not include expenses for extracurricular activities. Back to school events are in full swing in many
areas of the country.  For several weeks now our church has hosted a “Stuff the Bus” drive for school supplies.  They will be given away before school starts.

The very popular tax free weekend kicks off in most areas the first weekend in August. Check your area news for local dates. Tax breaks are not supported in every state.  This list shows tax weekends published on the internet.

Alabama 8/5  – 8/7
Arkansas 8/6  – 8/7
Connecticut 8/21-  8/27
Florida 8/12-  8/14
Iowa 8/5-   8/6
Louisiana 8/5-   8/6
Mississippi 7/29-  7/30
New  Mexico 8/5-  8/7
South  Carolina 8/5-   8/7
Texas 8/19-8/21

Every small savings helps – especially in families with more than one child in school.  Any opportunity to avoid adding to your debt via credit cards and over spending is good for everyone involved. Remember also, there is still time to search the internet for coupons and promotion codes. ;;



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