Start Writing Your Story!

14 09 2011

As a writer and publisher, I often meet people with amazing stories to tell. I often end the conversation by saying “That is some story…you need to write a book”. Many times I walk away admiring their strength, their stupidity or both. In either case, I have always wanted to pass those stories on to others. People can and should learn from the experience of others. The problem is that many of the people with the most compelling stories do not write books and many choose to keep their crash landing to themselves.  They do not want to look like failures or be judged by others. But those are the stories that need to be read. We need to hear about the one thing that changed the direction of your life. If there is a young person contemplating quitting school, or a woman living in domestic violence; or someone who doesn’t trust their own judgment about a situation that can be life changing. Your story can  inspire others to reassess their circumstances, make decisions and move forward.

So what is holding you back?  What is your story and who will it help? You never know – you may be surprised! Start writing today…



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