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1 03 2010
Karen Johnson

Children Live What They Learn

As I look and stare out the window I constantly reflect on my childhood memories. Moving into a new neighborhood was a very exciting experience.
During this transition you meet neighbors from all walks of life. The neighbor hood that I currently reside in has become drug infested. I wonder why? Well to sum up the story I will begin to say that the children that I met have become so tangled up in mimicking their parent’s lifestyles. Hanging out on the corner or perhaps at the end of the drive way waiting to make a drug sale. Wow! Does it have to be this way? Certainly not. The young children that I observe each day in the neighborhood are heading down the wrong path. Children are having babies and babies are having babies. Most young children today think that they have all the answers, but yet they do not understand the question. It is so easy to follow the tail instead of the head. No one can determine your destiny but you and the help of the almighty. We must learn to Let go and Let God. If we believe we can achieve so much and not get caught up in letting history repeat itself.

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